Canada Day CakeA fun recipe for the whole family to make

My Mother-in-law loves her grand-children and any holiday is an opportunity for her to celebrate and make them feel special. Canada Day is no exception.

Each year she gathers her flock to sit in the backyard and share a slice of her special strawberry Canada Flag cake and the kids love it.

The cake is very tasty and pretty easy to make, but it’s the memories shared and the traditions created that make it truly special.

In fact this is a great activity for the whole family to do together as you celebrate our country’s birthday – why not give it a try this year and start your own traditions.

There are lots of recipes available on the web – Here is a really simple one that I found on Kraft Canada’s website: Canadian Flag Cake Recipe

And here is an image of the Canada Flag that you can print and use to help layout the cake.