When we bought our first home in 2011, Brandon was the agent assigned to us. I can’t recall the number of times he had to come over to our house to sign documents. We looked at close to 50 houses before we made our final choice. He explained the entire process with us and advised us on what to look for as in red flags. We found a town house in Burlington in October of 2010 but we moved in around February of 2011. Brandon advised it was worth the wait as the seller was going to do a complete renovation of the property. He was right, we moved into a brand new renovated home with modern amenities. This worked well for us because when we sold our house just last year, we did not have to do any type of Reno. Again Brandon was our real estate agent. This time we moved to a detached home in stoney creek. As usual, his experience, patience and knowledge of the real estate market allowed us to find what we were looking for.
Brandon looked over everything, he was always available when we needed him and answered all of our questions we asked either verbally or by email. He even attended our open house party!
I can recommend him at anytime to family and friends. Thanks Brandon.

Donald Kalley
Stoney creek