I am shocked at the sheer volume of charts and graphs that try and focus consumers on the stats and appreciation trends in home buying and selling. Now, the dollars and cents and crime stats are all a part of the decision to buy a home, but it is not the only or even most important reason. Why do people buy homes?  It’s for lifestyle. It’s personal.

We have just developed a new television campaign that I believe really hits at the heart of home ownership.  And after the past four years of doom and gloom in the media, we need a little heart right now.  We have to get back to the “why” that  drives people to buy homes.

We have a 60 sec anthem (see below) that explains our unique view of the value of a home.  The voice on the spot is the great Tom Selleck.  Not only is he the star of the hit CBS series Blue Bloods (and more famously Magnum, PI), who has a wonderful, trusting voice that adds a great texture to the commercial…but the backstory is even better.  You see, Tom’s dad was a vice president at Coldwell Banker for 38 years, and he was the only member of his family that wasn’t in real estate…until now!

We also have a 30 sec spot on the Value of a Home, and three 15 sec spots that talk about some of the things that make a house a home…KidsBackyards andPets.  I can personally relate to all of them!

So, 9 months ago, my wife and I bought our first home together, less than 1km from where we both grew up in south Burlington.  I didn’t check the crime stats.  I briefly looked at the appreciation charts for this house and the neighbourhood; but what I paid more attention to was how quiet the street was and asked “were there trails for my wife and I to go running in the summer?”  Did it have a nice backyard for BBQs and hanging out?  Was it close to family?  Was it big enough for the kids we’re planning to have?  Was it warm and inviting for the friends and family that we wanted to have over?  The price was good, the interest rate low and for a monthly payment that still allowed us to achieve our other financial goals, it was a great deal.

We’re settling in now, hanging pictures here and there.  I’m fixing what needs to be fixed, and what I can’t fix, I “gotta guy” that can.  My tools have their place in the garage.  My wife baked muffins for the neighbours last week to take on their drive to Florida.  My (future) kids will bring their kids here someday. I’m going to read in the backyard, A LOT.  My wife and I will grow old here together.

That’s the value of my home. Share yours in the comments and take a look at our new TV ad below that we call “The Value of a Home.”