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4 Tips for your Home Safe Home

4 Tips for your Home Safe Home

The New Year is a time for changes and fresh starts. So why not start the year off right by making some changes within your home to keep it safe. With just a few very affordable adjustments, you can make your home a safer haven for you and your loved ones.

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Spring Forward This Sunday

The alarm still goes off way too early each morning, but with winter rapidly passing by, I enjoy the fact that the sun has been rising before me over the past couple of weeks.  Early mornings are a lot easier to take with the sun on your face, aren't they? We'll have...

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The Value of a Home

I am shocked at the sheer volume of charts and graphs that try and focus consumers on the stats and appreciation trends in home buying and selling. Now, the dollars and cents and crime stats are all a part of the decision to buy a home, but it is not the only or even...

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