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Many homeowners look to their backyard sheds solely as a storage space to house tools, gardening instruments, and a variety of old items that are no longer in use. However, a shed or other outbuilding can be a valuable and useful piece of real estate and a creative extension of one’s home if individuals take the time to fix it up.

So before hauling old boxes and clothing bags into a shed and forgetting about them, consider other ways to make it a functional space.


Home office

Working at home can be distracting when there are chores to be done or children have friends over. However, converting an outdoor shed into a quaint office space can give individuals the quiet and privacy they need to work, research, read and complete projects.  Winterizing a small room such as a shed with insulation and a heating source can be a cost effective way to add valuable living space to your home. Many sheds are already equipped with lights and outlets, so adding tables, filing cabinets and office decor is the only task left for workers who want to create a space that is all their own.

Children’s playroom

Homeowners who lack the space to accommodate piles of toys, children’s books and activity stations should consider using their shed as an outdoor playhouse. Painting the shed bright colours, hanging fun pictures, setting up a small snack bar and refrigerator and moving toys to the shed can create an exciting treehouse effect for young children. This can also be a great place to host birthday parties, camping trips, play dates and children’s sleepovers.

Spare bedroom

Homeowners with a large shed may consider converting it into a small bedroom space, especially if it’s already equipped with windows and outlets. This can be a good place for guests or adult children to stay when homeowners lack the indoor space.

Of course, these are just a few of the potential uses for a shed or outbuilding.  The list could also include screened in sitting area to enjoy a bug-free evening, a cabana change room for your swimming pool or a studio/hobby room to retreat to as you indulge in your favourite pastime.

Add your ideas in the comments area below.  I love to hear about the neat ways that people are making their homes their own.

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Originally published on July 4, 2012

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Written by Brandon Buller

Husband. Dad. Award-winning Real Estate Broker and Luxury Property Specialist with the Buller Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Edge Realty based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.